Introductions will never be forgotten or forgiven

In life, you will be constantly introduced to new people. Sometimes, this goes fantastically well and afterwards you can rest safe in the knowledge that you gave the other person the best version of you, that they will look forward to meeting you again and that you didn’t manage to offend someone within two minutes of them knowing that you existed.

Unfortunately for me, in most cases I manage to be the girl that does offend people within two minutes of them knowing that I exist.

I am usually too sarcastic for my own good, forgetting not everyone was raised with a scouse Dad (who managed to instill in me the somewhat offensive “talent” of smiling so sickly whilst talking that most people didn’t relalise they’d been insulted until ten minutes after you’ve left) I follow up the sarcasm with a usual mix of downing more jager-bombs than is socially acceptable and I mostly end up either pulling unimpressed faces as my face doesn’t always co-operate after a drink or look plainly bored listening to the conversations around me and end up on my phone to pass the time. (Just a quick note, when you are looking bored at the dull conversation; try to resist the overwhelming urge bought on by the jagers to send comical snap chats of your “bored face” or laugh loudly at a whatsapp group convo thats been more entertaining than anyone you’ve met all night).

In recent times I would like to say I have gotten much better at this and just smile nicely and answer polite questions whilst staying sober. However the truth is when I am left to my own devices, my first fail safe way of making friends is to find a drinking partner on a similar wave length to me who always wishes they were somewhere else, if that fails I accept my fate and look miserable.

From this short view into my life, I’d like you to think carefully about your next step. Would I be the person you loved after meeting me, or the person you’d talk about on the way home for being too loud, too drunk and on her phone too much? The thing is, I’m the second person most the time (minus the drunk part) there’s obviously a lot more to me aswell, I have a 7 year old daughter, I’ve had the worlds most boring jobs but made the best friends, I’m getting married in a few months, I’ve had a stalker, been facebook cloned, been single, been heartbroken, had the most awful dating experiences, fell in love again and above all I have 27 years worth of life lessons that all usually have a disasterous story that will explain how I learnt my lessons.

We have the opprotunity each day to meet new people, this is my introduction to you and me giving you a view into my life, my ways of thinking and everything thats lead me to this point.

So follow the blog or whatever it is I am meant to tell you do so you can all read my blogs- which will all be better than this basic ratty one.

(Can I add emojis to this? Expression is not the same without an emoji…I’ll have to add a normal face instead…)





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